IndyCar in real-life features some of the most exciting racing in motorsports and many drivers on iRacing would attest that the same is true on the virtual racetrack. These spaceship-like race cars rocket around the track at over 200 mph and visit a wide variety of oval and road courses. Driving on the real asphalt and virtually takes a great deal of skill and precision because of the breakneck speed and downforce that causes these cars to be so sensitive. Being able to make split-second decisions is crucial and making a mistake when driving these cars in real-life can be extremely dangerous, especially on the oval tracks. All it takes is a little contact and your car can easily go careening into the wall. One benefit of competing in iRacing is that the only injuries one can sustain are of the emotional variety.

One iRacer who has been extremely successful in these ultra fast cars is Rocket Racing Setups’ newest addition, Adam Blocker. Adam has many notable accomplishments such as capturing the Lionheart IndyCar Series Championship three times, an Indy 500 top-split victory, and even being crowned overall points champion for the IndyCar Road Series eight times. When someone is used to hitting such high speeds, it is difficult to catch up with them for sure but luckily Adam slowed down for us so we could learn about his interesting life and how his iRacing career began.

Adam’s parents were huge racing fans so it was pretty well in-grained in him at an early age and he has always shown an interest in being involved in motorsports himself whether that be on the real asphalt or in video games. Like many drivers on the service, Adam played console racing games for many years and discovered iRacing through content creators on YouTube. In 2015 he decided to take the plunge. During his first year and a half he primarily competed in the much slower Skip Barber car. Even though these cars lack the speed of an IndyCar, they still serve as a great learning tool. Once he felt that he had learned all these cars had to offer, he made the switch.

Many drivers and builders on iRacing joke that setting up an IndyCar requires an engineering degree which makes a lot of sense considering just how many adjustments can be made and how the aero can affect handling. These cars visit many different track types such as short ovals, superspeedways, and road courses so a builder essentially has to be able to set up three different cars just to run one series. Adam gave us a ton of information about what goes into setting up these cars and it definitely seems intimidating but he is definitely up to the challenge.

If it really takes an engineer to effectively build these cars then Adam has a clear advantage considering he is also involved in real world racing as a powertrain engineer and trackside engineer in IndyCar, working for Ilmor Engineering which is the company responsible for Chevy IndyCar engines. His racing pedigree doesn’t stop there as he also participated in Formula SAE where he worked with his fellow students to design, build, and test open wheel race cars from scratch. His resume is clearly impressive and we can’t wait to see his expertise in action now that he has joined the Rocket Racing Setups family.