Builder | Adam Blocker
iRacing Season | 2021 Season 2
Car | Dallara IR18
Weather | 67F ambient/75F track, morning
Setups Inside | 2
Notes | For qualifying first lap is slightly faster, but there is fuel for two laps. For race, if the rear starts sliding on the exit of T2 or T4 try going negative on weightjacker or taking a later apex to square off the corner exit. In traffic you can try softening the front ARB or going positive on weightjacker, but the main differences will be achieved through line selection and timing lifts correctly. For Q and R you have to brush (10% or 15% braking at most) the brakes going into T3.

Setups Included:
– 1 Qualifying Setup – 27.36
– 1 Race Setup – 27.80

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